alternator won't budge

Phil Rose pjrose at
Tue Feb 19 17:32:24 EST 2002

A bigger, harder "Persuader"? Some penetrating oil at the pivots?


At 5:05 PM -0500 2/19/02, Brett Dikeman wrote:
>In my attempts to install the Avi alternator, I've come across a
>slight problem.  The old alternator refuses to come out.
>All three bolts are out.  Now, I'm no freakin' mechanical genius, but
>when all the bolts are out, component should drop out in hand Just
>Like In The Movies.
>It won't.  I've even tried "encouraging" both front+back with a
>breaker bar+soft mallet; no luck.  It won't pivot; the only movement
>I can get is the back end will drop ever so slightly down.
>I was thoroughly looking forward to finishing getting the old one out
>by the time the belts arrive via UPS dude(any moment) or by the time
>the sun sets(about an hour.)
>Suggestions, gentlemen(and ladies)?  And can I expect any further
>joys from the A/C compressor and PS pump(if I'm gonna do one...)
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