alternator won't budge

Brett Dikeman brett at
Tue Feb 19 17:47:34 EST 2002

At 5:32 PM -0500 2/19/02, Phil Rose wrote:
>A bigger, harder "Persuader"?

Ding ding ding, and the winner is Phil!

I noticed, upon closer inspection, that it actually was getting more
and more off the pivot point, so I added a few good more whacks with
a bigger "persuader" and whunk, off it came.  Nice.

Pulley is quite glazed with belt schtuff and is much larger than the
(correct) pulley on the new unit.  I guess I should probably clean
the engine pulley with a scotch pad or something before the new belt
goes on.

I'll post a picture and measurements of old vs. new pulley after I'm
done tonight; I've heard a rumor of bad weather and I'd just like to
get it all done tonight....but basically, if you've got saging
voltage at idle and a blip of the throttle brings the voltage up,
then voltage goes down after the engine settles at idle again, you've
got too small a pulley!

PS:just in time for the UPS guy.  Hah. Beat him by a whole 2 minutes :-)
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