91 200 water pump

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>I'm learning real fast, i.e. the hard way, that I'm gonna have to get me a
Bently manual and >start doing my own repairs...  I just paid $823.09 for
the replacement and of the following;  >aux water pump, water pump, timimg
belt, fan belt, belt tensioner bearing, 20v stat, 2 misc. >belts, 1 hose, a
little anti freeze and mineral oil.   did I get ripped off?  Go ahead, be
>candid!  I can take it.
In a word...No, not really.  Parts could easily account for half that bill
with the rest being labor.  At $65/hr (minimum), you're looking at 6 1/2 hrs
labor, which, considering all that was done, sounds about right.  Provided
you had all the necessary tools, Bentley, general aptitude, good deal on
parts, you COULD have done it for less.  But that was a major $ervice,
ranking right up there with steering rack and clutch replacement.

'91 200q20v...Slightly modified  + '83 Urquattro

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