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Tue Feb 19 21:43:31 EST 2002

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>I'm learning real fast, i.e. the hard way, that I'm gonna have to
>get me a Bently manual and start doing my own repairs...  I just
>paid $823.09 for the replacement and of the following;  aux water
>pump, water pump, timimg belt, fan belt, belt tensioner bearing, 20v
>stat, 2 misc. belts, 1 hose, a little anti freeze and mineral oil.
>did I get ripped off?  Go ahead, be candid!  I can take it.

Hi Mike,
Doesn't sound to me as if that was way out of line. Since I don't
know where you're located I have no idea about what typical hourly
rates might be in your area. I assume the work was not done by a
dealer. Around here there are some good independent shops charging
$60/hr (or less). Assuming about 5 hrs labor @$70/hr, your shop
charged about a 50% markup on the parts--relative to their cost if
obtained by you (mail order from TPC, etc.) It's unlikely anyone
would have done that job (labor/parts) for much under $700. Doing it
yourself might have saved about $500 (from what you paid.) Worth
getting the Bentley anyway--just to help you understand the car and
do troubleshooting.


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