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How slow? About 65 MPH max. Let speed burn off on long
uphills to about 55-60 and let it run a bit over 65 on
long downhills. Watch your tire inflation. Maintian
momentum. 28+ no problem. 30+ at 45-50 MPH on nice,
twisty but contant-speed backroads when you can stay
in 5th gear constantly.

> > I get 17.8 (City)  to 22.6 (Interstate) mpg with
> my stock 200...I have
> never
> > been close to 28mpg....how slow do you have to go
> to get 28mpg?
> I get 24ish at 80mph, 2ish at 65 and around 21ish at
> 100. Observed at the
> pump, not the trip computer.
> mike in montana
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