[200q20v] How to start fast and not look like too much of an idiot

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What I've found is the 200q20v launch technique is
very different Vs the urq. A strong-running urq is
light enough in weight to light the front tires easily
and this really helps to get a good launch and keep
the boost up while being smooth. The 200q20v is more
difficult for me to launch smoothly because I don't
(will not) break the front tires loose. Too much RPM
on the launch is the big culprit in not beeing smooth
with the 200q20v. Try RPM around 2500-3000. The clutch
must be used instead of the front tires to keep the
boost up and the launch smooth. Balancing the slipping
clutch against the throttle/RPM/boost really does just
takes a lot of practice to achieve the desired

--- Zoot531 at aol.com wrote:
> Hey List,
>     A few days ago, i noticed a post that got no
> replies aside from "just practice".  Is this really
> the case?  I also am interested in 0-60 mph quick
> starts...I've tried just dropping the clutch @
> around 3k RPM, and that's awful violent and jerky,
> I've also tried to slip the clutch a bit from around
> 3.5k RPM, but that makes me worry about clutch wear.
>  I've heard that Quattros can be tricky to launch,
> any suggestions?  I'm pretty ignorant as you can
> probably tell, and this is the first manual tranny
> I've driven, so any general comments would be very
> nice.
> Thanks for understanding the plight of a newbie,
> Adam Chinchiolo White '91 200q20v (Doing better)
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