pretty cool german 200 links

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> (from the q-list):
> Looks like it has extensive V8 mods, obviously on the rear but I can't
> understand German and didn't feel like going to Babelfish so I can't tell
> if it also has the V8 hood + lights.  Does anyone know if the V8 rear
> bumper is a bolt-up mod?  Or do you need new rear trim pieces, etc. as
> well?
Doubtfull at the front end, but who knows?  As to the rear and from what I
remember of my v8, the rear bumper trim should just bolt-up.  He went for
the v8 look in that he painted the door handles the same color as the body
color, but in this case the whole body is candy-apple? red.  Probably a
write-off for his car audio business ;-)
> This one is cool too because it has the grille I want:
> I can't tell if it's actually a 20v or not though.
Yes, it is a 20v.  The motor is a 3B from what I can see.  As to the
grill -- that's the same grill we all have, except the brushed stainless
trim is blacked-out.  See my version here:

'91 200q20v...Slightly modified  + '83 Urquattro

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