Hall Sensor? Could it be?

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I've seen the dist anti-tamper bolt removed with a
large chisel and hammer. BTSW.

--- wolff at turboquattro.com wrote:
> I changed a distributer without taking the manifold
> off, but it's _very_
> tough to drill out the anti-tamper bolt on the
> distributer hold down clamp.
> Does the rotor turn around when the starter runs?
> Wolff
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> Subject: Hall Sensor? Could it be?
> Listers,
>      After much helpful conversation with Brett,
> today i cleared the
> computer codes by removing the ECU fuses and i
> tested it again.  This time
> it spat out a much more reasonable number of codes.
> the first was 2111
> which is the RPM sensor and is to be expected as the
> car does not start, the
> second was 2113 signifying a faulty Hall Sensor
> which is located on the
> rotor (?) of the distributor.  I'm guessing this
> part will need replacing,
> but I am not very learned on the workings of the
> hall sensor.  I know that
> it looks like the intake manifold needs to come off
> for this to be done
> right, but what about availability of the sensor?
> can it be purchased
> seperate from the distributor, or no?  and How much
> will this set me
> back...approx.?  Thanks again for your time, I
> really appreciate it.
> Sincerely,
> Adam Chinchiolo
> '91 200q20v, w/ a bad Hall sensor...No start
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