Rear Fog?

TM t44tq at
Fri Feb 22 14:06:29 EST 2002

Very few 200qs that I've seen have fogs installed in the front.

There used to be a nice two-position fog light switch to control
both fogs, but that is NLA and even if the part is sitting somewhere
on a dealer's shelf, with the stupidity of Audi's parts system, they
delete part numbers when the part is NLA, so we'll never know if some
remote dealer in the hills of Montana has the part, gathering dust.

I'm using a V8 fog light switch to actuate the front fogs, whenever
I actually install some front fogs.

European lights are not sufficient for real fog- you need fog lights
for fog. Same applies for very heavy snowfall. At least the better
cutoff on the eurolights allows for less reflection back to you in
these conditions.

BTW Chris- please send email in plain text, not HTML or RTF.


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