lowering springs

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Sat Feb 23 13:37:55 EST 2002

At 7:33 AM -0800 2/23/02, CL Wong wrote:
>This brings up another memory I recall someone
>mentioning awhile back.
>Lowering springs make the rear of our 200s appear to
>be too low and someone mentioned putting something in
>the spring area to raise it up a bit.  Does anyone
>recall what folks use to get that slight rise in the

Greg Amy originally commented on this, and he corrected it with a set
of quarter inch upper spring pads I think, from Wolfsport.  When I
called them, they claimed they had a)no idea what a upper spring pad
was and b)they'd never carried anything like that.  Greg remembered
hearing others had similar experiences contacting them in the past.

Honestly, on a car that's something like 10 feet long, I don't see
how a quarter inch makes a difference; if anything, I think it helps
more with keeping the tires from rubbing and allowing you to allow
for more folks in back+stuff in the trunk without rubbing.

>--- mike mcgranahan <mcgranahanmike at hotmail.com> wrote:
>  > If I replace the stock springs with some H&R's or
>>  Eibachs that are supposed to lower the car only
>  > 1.25" - 1.5" will I need camber plates?

Don't think so.  Type44's, from what I have discussed with various
mechanics and owners, don't need camber plates until you go with a
suspension setup designed for racing.  I remember hearing Taka did
some sort of camber plate on his car, not sure why, maybe he can

>  Also any opinion on the ride qualities between these two brands?

Can't say between the two brands, but I like my H&Rs/Bilsteins with
the factory rims and 215/65/15 tires; there's enough tire to soften
things on New England roads here.  H&Rs/Bilsteins are a popular
combo.  It lowered the car a teensy bit more than I would have liked;
the only downside to keeping the factory rims and tire size is that
the car scrapes on things like the top of the driveway. Driver's side
cat has been taking a beating, and I think I hear an exhaust leak
now, probably a crack because of a scrape.

My heavier, 17" Ronals came close to pushing me over the edge on ride
quality; they're just too much for some of the really poor roads in
Massachusetts(which has some of the worst maintained roads in the
country.)  A 16 inch wheel would probably be the perfect balance,
unless you live in an area with nicely maintained roads(in which case
17s would be fine.)  The larger diameter(245s) result in a scrape
only once in a blue moon now.

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