Three UrS4 5 spoke wheels

George Fairbanks george.fairbanks at
Sun Feb 24 21:13:54 EST 2002

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A few months ago I bent one of mine and couldn't find a reasonably priced
replacement so I now have UrS6 Avus rims, which look good on the 200.  I
have not gotten around to taking pictures and selling the remaining three
UrS4 5-spokes, but this email reminds me that I still have them sitting
next to the house.  If anyone's interested please let me know.



At 04:59 PM 2/24/2002, Lee M. Levitt wrote:
>Jerry writes:
> >
> > Someone was recently looking for one of these. Item # is 1807387195. HTH
> > someone.
> > Regards,
> > Jerry
> > 91 200qa
>Jerry, that was me...looking to put together a set. I gave up and am now
>selling my last remaining good wheel and a bent one...
>'95.5 S6 avant
>'96 A6 quattro avant

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