[s-cars] Wheel and Tire ?

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Sun Feb 24 22:36:14 EST 2002

I assume this means you have G60s on the car, not some BIRA system?

Anyway, OEM A4 wheels will fit over the G60s.

Are you asking about an aftermarket wheel for an A4 with those tires?

225/45R17 is no problem, BTDT w/ two sets of wheels- OEM S4tt ET45
and Oettinger RE ET35 17x8.

I'll be installing 245/40 or 255/40 depending on the results of a
in the near future.


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I have a wheel/tire question.  If it's been asked and answered before
please forgive me.

I have urS4/S6 hubs/struts on my '91 200TQA.  Will A4 wheels fit?

Second, will a 225/45/ZR17 tire fit a lowered '91 200.

TIA for your collective help and wisdom.

Greg J

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