bucking above 1.1 bar, max boost 1.3

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Sun Feb 24 22:52:11 EST 2002

It sounds like you've tripped the overboost fuel cut-off.

I'd pull the codes to see if you can confirm this, then address
the WGFV (most likely) via testing and if necessary, replacement.

Check SJM's site for diagnostic procedures.

I'd say your lower wastegate hose collapsed, but this is a 20v.


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I took a nice trip this weekend to Burlington, VT to visit a friend and
give the 200 a nice 200 mile each-way trip.  No problems on the way
there, in fact I even got 23.8MPG.  On the way back, merging/passing a
Volvo after the I87 onramp in 3rd gear, at around 5K RPMs at WOT the 200
seriously bucked and I let off the throttle.  The engine ran fine as
long as it didn't get over 1.0 bar, without any missing / roughness,
then it would buck really hard as if it were backing off or
intentionally preventing high boost.  I let off boost for awhile then I
then pulled over to get gas and check the intercooler hoses, and
everything seemed fine. After the fill-up on 87 the 200 seemed normal
again - I still got 1.7-1.8 but I didn't push it too hard because I was
more concerned with getting back.

When I got home I tested it again and basically now get serious bucking
in any gear starting when boost gets over 1.0 bar, with 1.3 being the
highest I can get.  I thought it might've been the WOT switch because it
seemed to only do it at full throttle, but under further examination it
will buck at 3/4 throttle too, or in any other situation in which it
goes above 1.0 bar.  So it seems to be a boost issue (or the witholding
of) of some kind.  All my hoses are either new / in good shape. Is this
the WGFV?  Something else?

'91 200q20v

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