bucking above 1.1 bar, max boost 1.3

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Mon Feb 25 12:22:12 EST 2002

I have had the exact same problem from time to time.  My engine has only
been steam cleaned once, and the problem had appeared long before & since.
I have had both Al Blanchard (Audi & Porsche Specialties), and Scott Mockry
(SJM Auto-technik) look at, drive, and experience the symptom.  I have
cleaned the MAF terminals & even replaced the MAF.  After such, the symptom
goes away, but will appear seemingly at random.  From various threads, I am
going to replace the K&N with an OEM filter & clean the MAF of any oil
residue.  If no results, I'll replace the WGFV.

David Brill
200q20v Avant, 140k

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I had the same thing happen on my S4 after cleaning the engine bay. IIRC it
happened at any boost level. Went away after a couple days. I never did find
any water contamination, plus it doesn't have a distributor! I imagine the
water could get in any number of connections that feed the ECU. Don't you
just love problems that fix themselves..;-)

Gary Martin
94 UrS4
91 200 TQA

> I have not cleaned my engine for a long time due to this exact problem.  I
> plan to try cleaning it this spring and I am going to go to extremes to
> the distributor dry and see if this is the source of the problem.

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