Replacing side marker lights

Brett Dikeman brett at
Mon Feb 25 21:04:31 EST 2002

At 7:53 PM -0500 2/25/02, David Head wrote:
>I have some smoked side markers to replace the factory amber - does the
>inner fender have to come out to replace these?

If you mean the side -blinker-(ie the little rectangle thing), and
not the side -marker- in the headlight assembly, then no.  Simply
slip your fingernails between the paint+marker body and pivot the
back out; there's a hook on the front edge, and a tab on the back
where the bulb is.

If you mean the side marker in the headlight assembly, you need to
remove the entire headlight assembly, along with:

-upper and lower metal chrome strips
-metal-rib backed rubber trim piece(careful, it gets REALLY brittle with age)
-plastic chrome
..just to be able to get the headlight out.  Full instructions are in
the Bentley, but its not hard to see what screws need to come out.
One item to note...the side marker, chrome surround, and headlight
are all a "module" of sorts and should come out together, remove the
screws for the frame->car, not headlight->frame.  Once the handful of
screws are out, the whole frame should pop out.

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