Starter is fried

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I've seen fried wires on a good starter before....
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> Hey all,
>    Got my 200 back today (it was having a dent removed at the body shop),
and I
> tried to start it, and got nothing, battery was fully charged, I never had
> starting before (except when the ECU went last year...) Anyway, I push
started the
> car, and it ran fine. I dropped by the local Audi Mechanic (Holland
Imports... if
> you have an Audi in West Michigan, this is one of the best shops to go to)
The mech.
> looked at it, said the wire to the solenoid was fried, which means the
starter is
> done. So, I guess I need a new starter.... does anyone have a used one
> around? Otherwise, where can I find the best price? I checked Blau and
they said
> $160 + core...
>           Thanks everyone,
>                John Gronberg
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