power window repair

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Tue Feb 26 00:14:26 EST 2002

I finally got around to doing the window regulator repair using the
Bentley's "modified swivel pin procedure".

Symptom: window can be moved easily by hand, but not by the
regulator. Electric power, switch, cable and motor are OK. This
happens when the cable's cast-metal "anchor" breaks free from the
swivel (slider) assembly, which provides the window's mounting point.

The swivel pins are modified by cutting through one side to allow
insertion of the regulator cable. This requires about 15 seconds with
a Dremel Tool. A pair of these "pins" are screwed onto the cable--one
on each side of the pivot slider. This couples the cable motion to
the pivot slider (and the attached window). The 5mm screws in the
swivel pins must be long enough to grip the cable, but short enough
to avoid interfering with the window mount. Use Loctite and tighten

Some details shown here:

I used the swivel pins in spite of misgivings about causing damage to
the cable. George Sidman has described an alternative to the swivel
pins (easier on the cable) using a slotted screw to clamp the cable
between a pair of flat washers. However, I suspect the swivel pin
method will turn out to be reasonably long lasting.


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