Stonegard update?

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Mon Feb 25 21:36:20 EST 2002

Also sorry for the late reply....Yes I received my new Stongards about a
month ago and I think they do a nice job of protecting now that they cover
the entire lens area.  My old ones were never installed so I cannot offer
any advice.  If they have been on there awhile, I guess they would take some
persuasion to remove, maybe get them warm with a blow dryer or something.
Then peel them off, and make sure you use some sort of cleaner to remove the
glue residue, alcohol may do the trick....

Greg Bird
Portland, Oregon

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> Gary, et al.:
> Any help on how to remove the Stongard that is on my headlights now so
> I can install the new stuff? What should I use to remove the old
> Stongard?
> A big thanks to Gary for starting this whole dialogue with Stongard and
> a big thanks to Stongard for replacing my existing film with the new
> stuff.
> Taka
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