20V Distributor Gear Gp Buy Project: HELP Needed.

Bernie Benz b.m.benz at prodigy.net
Tue Feb 26 10:39:41 EST 2002

As you 20V listers may know, I am playing the role of tech coordinator with
the gear shop vendor on this project.

We have characterized the plastic gear as well as possible from a sample and
have found significant tooth to tooth irregularities caused by Bosch's
poor/cheap gating design in the injection mold from which the plastic part
was made.  Averaging these errors gives a gear design that has a high
probability of satisfactory performance, but a refined design could produce
a gear far superior to the original plastic gear.  Toward this end, we need
to characterize the mating steel gear on an intake cam shaft and further, in
the best of all worlds, it would be great to also have a 20V head which
would allow a more accurate gear pitch diameter measurement.

So, my request to you guys who may have a spare 20V engine core, head, and
intake cam is to borrow a 20V head and/or at least a 20V intake cam for a
week or two, as I do not wish to take down a daily driver to rob a cam
therefrom.  I'll gladly pay the shipping costs, the closer to Northern
California or Nevada the better.

Thanks for your help.

Bernie Benz
1265 Old Foothill Road
Gardnerville, NV 89410

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