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Tue Feb 26 18:44:25 EST 2002

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I slotted the 3 upper strut mounting holes in the tower before I came up
with the strut brace, but this was only good for about 1/8" adjustment
before the strut bearing hits the side of the tower.  No need for added
metal when doing this.  Adding the strut brace buys about another 1/8" on
each side inasmuch as the brace is to be preloaded, deflecting the strut
mounting rubber bushing that much.  This was enough for me to just reach
zero camber, my alignment goal for max street tire life.  If you need more
+camber you must make the camber plate mods that are documented on the
S-cars list and maybe on Chris Miller's site.


From: "Vincenzo Basile" <Bleaf1 at>
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 19:35:35 -0500
To: <b.m.benz at>
Subject: strutbrace

hi bernie,
i have a 200 20v that has H&R springs and bilstein shocks(struts) and cant
get the camber to be in spec.if  just slot the strut towers and get your
brace will that be strong enough or should i also weld a piece of 1 or 2 mm
steel on top of the towers and slot them? thanks Bleaf1 at


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