steering rack life

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Tue Feb 26 22:32:39 EST 2002

The only likely probibility rack leak on the 5K/200 rack is the piston rod
seal, inasmuch as it is the only high pressure dynamic seal on the rack.  It
would display external leakage at the center of the rack, in the area of tie
rod attachment, not at the steering wheel and hose connection area.  Leakage
in this latter area is most probabily a high pressure hose leak that runs
down the hose to this area.

I have sucessfully replaced one rack piston rod seal on a 5K rack, a major
PITA to R&R the rack.

On the 200, my leak problem was a weeping high pressure hose, in which the
leaked fluid ran down the hose inside of the sponge noise supression sleeve
and onto the rack valve area.  Hose replacement was the solution to this
problem.  I made up my own and in doing so discovered that Audi/ZF has
cleaverly built into their high pressure hose assembly an acoustic resonant
circuit to supress pump piston pulsation noise.  So, mine is leak proof but
noisy in parallel parking type maneuvers.

But don't fix it if it ain't broke!


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> Subject: steering rack life
> What's been the experience with regards to steering rack longevity before
> the seals leak. I'm still chasing an oil leak. I think it may be the high
> pressure hose from the pump to the rack and/or the rack. My 91 has 104k
> miles. TIA
> Gary Martin
> 94 UrS4
> 91 200 TQA
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