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Anybody else on the list receive this?  I have no clue why I did.......

91 200q20v 92 k miles

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Kindly Attn :G.Manager
Dear Sirs/Madam:
Have a nice day!
We Ningbo Tech-Star Electrical Co.,Ltd import of advanced technlogy and
producing automobile glass lifts with exellent equipment and strong
technical skills.Our products cover cord-wheel glass lifts and gear-arm type
glass lifts and others,which apply in various cars such as santanas,Fu
Kang,Audi and other various cars as well as different of small cars,pickups
and trucks.We welcome letters and drawings and have various automobile lifts
made to our customer's different requirements.
    We have also imported and developed automobile glass lift,comtroller of
top window opener.Using them can protect you from being squeezd and
stolen.When the opener in the top windows of automoliles or glass lift is in
closing state,it can prevent any foreign matters or human hands from being
squeezed.When the automobile stops running and the driver leaves it without
remembering closing the doors,the windows will automotically close in three
seconds so that the safety of guard against thefty can be ensured.

    Our purpose is to make sincerity and trustworthiness as basic
principal,customer most lofty,quality first and serve our customers
comsiderately.The products have solid and reliable quality with low noises
and long service life,the quality has reached the advanced standards of
similar products in the world.We welcome orders and business talks by
letters and telephones.

We hope we can cooperate with you in the near future,if you have and
question,pls. contact us asap.

With best regards/He Li Ping

This trade information is from Path Information,Which is specialy in trade
information introduce,and we hope all our sevice will help your business.

Best regards/Billy

Path Infomation Co.,Ltd
Email:znj at pathinfo.net <mailto:Email:znj at pathinfo.net>
Add:Rm.1824,Hualian Mansion,Ningbo,China(315010)

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