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Actually Taka, the 3M material is put on (i.e. the adhesive backing
'releases' or 'activates) with an alcohol/H2O solution.

I hate to admit this, but since Igor has already forced me to disclose the
size of my fingers in general, and "Big thumbs" in particular, I um err
"dropped' one of my spare euro lens assemblies mit stoneguard installed.
The 3M stuff may be good, but it won't save a lens from a 3' fall to a
garage floor.

Since I had a second "un-3M'd" lens, I found I could remove the cover the
same way it was put on, i.e. alcohol & water, and was lucky enough to have
enough "adhesive" remain on the material to reinstall it on the spare

This BTW is just another reason not to let your friends party and drink on
your clear bra.  One dropped vodka Martini, and watch out the bra could be


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Do I use Igor's preferred type, vodka? I've used vodka for
other purposes, incl. as an antiseptic (in a pinch).

I just picked up some goo-gone, maybe I'll see how well it works
once I get the Stongard off the lamp.


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Taka -


No Taka.  Put it on the headlight.


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> Gary, et al.:
> Any help on how to remove the Stongard that is on my headlights now so

> I can install the new stuff? What should I use to remove the old
> Stongard?
> A big thanks to Gary for starting this whole dialogue with Stongard
> and a big thanks to Stongard for replacing my existing film with the
> new stuff.
> Taka

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