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With  StonGard's headlight film, once it touches it stays put. I
wouldn't be surprised if 3M makes two versions of the film. One with
a solvent-activated adhesive probably allows for doing a bit of
repositioning, which I suppose might be quite useful/necessary for
covering large areas, as in the bra applications.


At 9:02 AM -0700 2/27/02, mlp wrote:
>Wow, Phil.  I don't know how reconcile your info with
>what I know of my installer, Randy d/b/a "Visual Effects"
>in Denver tells me.
>He buys the stuff, both the clear bra material and
>the much thicker lens guard 'in bulk'
>(i.e. large sheets &/or rolls of the thinner bra film.)
>He then cuts it to shape and installs.  Fit guaranteed
>and he can do your side maker lights too if you like.
>I found this to be 'relatively' less expensive than
>what the local Porsche/Audi car dealer parts department
>&/or Herrington's catalog wanted for a pre-cut StoneGuard
>I know it is a 3M product that he is using, and perhaps
>then unlike the "StoneGuard" peal & stick once (?), can
>be removed, and at least in my case, reinstalled on a
>different assembly, though I doubt that is advised or
>'guaranteed.'  Maybe Taka's Goo-Gone is going to be
>a necessary step in his journey to enlightenment.
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>>Actually Taka, the 3M material is put on (i.e. the adhesive backing
>>'releases' or 'activates) with an alcohol/H2O solution.
>>I hate to admit this, but since Igor has already forced me to disclose the
>>size of my fingers in general, and "Big thumbs" in particular, I um err
>>"dropped' one of my spare euro lens assemblies mit stoneguard installed.
>>The 3M stuff may be good, but it won't save a lens from a 3' fall to a
>>garage floor.
>The StonGard film that I applied to my euro lenses did not involve
>use of any alcohol/water activator. It was just peeled from its
>protective backing and applied directly, so I assume it must be a
>somewhat different product than the 3M material.
>BTW, speaking of StonGard "updates": I emailed the StonGard "Customer
>Service" many weeks ago and described  the poorly fitting euro lens
>film I received from them. I asked about any improvement they plan to
>make for that product's dimensions and also  suggested the
>possibility of replacing my StonGard headlight film. They have never
>replied to that message nor to my follow-up email. As others have
>indicated, StonGard's "customer service" appears to be stinko.
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