Bernie Benz b.m.benz at
Wed Feb 27 12:39:57 EST 2002


Your experience with StonGard cs is exactly mine, both current, I also asked
about an upgrade replacement lite,  and several years ago when I complained
of the poor lens coverage immediately after installation.  I have since lost
one lens because the unprotected area sucks rocks.  Their's is a "screw you"
additude if I've ever seen one.


> From: Phil Rose <pjrose at>
> BTW, speaking of StonGard "updates": I emailed the StonGard "Customer
> Service" many weeks ago and described  the poorly fitting euro lens
> film I received from them. I asked about any improvement they plan to
> make for that product's dimensions and also  suggested the
> possibility of replacing my StonGard headlight film. They have never
> replied to that message nor to my follow-up email. As others have
> indicated, StonGard's "customer service" appears to be stinko.
> Phil
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