My car just stalled..

Brett Dikeman brett at
Wed Feb 27 17:50:57 EST 2002

At 9:26 PM +0100 2/27/02, Eyvind Spangen wrote:
>I was out driving, steady low speed today. Suddenly the engine just
>cut out, like I turned off the ignition.
>I towed it back home (500 metres) and started checking. Timing belt
>OK, code 4444, fuel pump runs when I brigde in the relay socket.
>It won't even try to catch when starting, so it looks like something
>with the ignition. Can the cable between the coil and distributor fail

Are the plugs fouled, as they would be if the car was injecting but
not sparking properly?

If so, then, in no particularly recommended order:

-follow Bentley procedures to check the coil+output stage
-check to make sure the distributor gear is OK(ie, pull the cap and
have a look-see, see if it's spinnin' in the breeze, etc)
-check the resistance of the coil->distributor wire

If not:
-check all the ECU and engine fuses(there are several, though if the
fuel injector one was blown, you'd probably get a ton of codes for
injectors etc, but its a piece of cake to check)  Cehcking the
grounds to the right of the fuel pressure regulator wouldn't hurt

-make sure the fuel pump is actually running when you turn the key,
might need a helper for this one.  Just because it runs when it is
bridged doesn't mean the relay is ok(I think)

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