Stebro/Steering Rack/Bucking

dpianka dpianka at
Wed Feb 27 21:46:43 EST 2002

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a lil update for anyone interested.. :)

the stebro has been in for over a week now.. I couldn't ask for anything mo=
re.. she's breathing much easier.. and the grumble is awesome.. not too lou=
d but loud enough.. doesnt sound like one of those cheap japanese POS.

steering rack was leaking.. 942$ :( apparently the whole engine had to be r=
emoved to get to the puppy.. 8hr job.. kinda hard bein a culinary student n=
 all but tis life..

bucking problem seems to have disappeared when I got the car back from my m=
echanic.. don't know if maybe something was loose I didn't check or it's ju=
st temporary..

next step IA Stage III+ :)
(maybe I'll rob a bank or sell onna my xboxes)

 '91 2CTQ Stebro/K&N/new steering rack :)

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