Repairing/Rebuilding Rear Calipers?

Steve Crosbie scrosbie at
Wed Feb 27 21:53:09 EST 2002

    What was I thinking - of course there is nothing but fluid below the
piston seal,  but some how it doesn't appear to end up in the lower
chamber (don't remember seeing a seal there).

Steve Crosbie wrote:

> Bernie,
>    Good point about trailer grease, however the lower chamber was
> completely free of brake fluid.  Neither caliper had even a  hint of
> anything in there but the jelly bean and some very dried up grease. I
> don't think there should be any fluid below the seal on the piston.  If
> some makes it past it isn't part of the active brake fluid system so
> grease contamination shouldn't be an issue.  But waterproof grease would
> be a better choice to seal the shaft since water and corrosion are
> important issues at the oil seal.
> Steve

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