Audi Knocking Problem Please Help Me, Need it badly...

Engilbert romantic at
Wed Feb 27 16:17:28 EST 2002

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This is wierd. My Audi 80. 4 Cyl.

I normally could drive the car "slowly" up to 70/80 MAX! km but after that the car knock's like hell.
When I want to go faster and quickly change from 1 to 2 and to 3 - 4 (or 5) and get more speed the car knocks...
and today the car just say NO TO ME. There is enough fuel on the tank. I've been trying everything! well almost
everything. What kind of sensors should I check? what should I do? I really, badly need help on this.

The problem is my car "isn't taking the Fuel" there is something wrong. We done tests today and we know the
car isn't taking any fuel, what about insert new "warmup valve?" just idea. Any ideas would be more then appreciated,
please e-mail me: romantic at thank you so much!!!

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