[200q20v] Drive shaft alignment?

Bernie Benz b.m.benz at prodigy.net
Wed Jan 2 14:25:07 EST 2002

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> Subject: RE: [200q20v] Drive shaft alignment?
> Thanks Bernie
> Yes I will have to swing the exhaust out of the way (PIA).
> The only  straight edge I have that is 5'long is a wood 2x4.
> What kind of accuracy is needed? I really don't want to purchase a 5' level.
> I suppose I could improve the straightness by running an edge through the
> table saw.
Sure, that would work.  But if you have no noticable viberation up thru
80mph, you are probably OK, and not worth the PITA of dropping the pipes.
Don't fix it if it ain't broke!
> Also, a friend told me that some drive shafts (not audi) require a slight
> angle and that perfectly straight would may a problem for the u-joint.
> Comments?
Not IMO.  The smaller the angle the longer the U joint life.  Zero is great.


> Les
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> Hi Les,
> I've aligned drive shafts using a 5' straight edge and spacers of equal and
> approperate thickness to clear the center bearing housing.  Only problem is
> that on the 200 the dual exhausts and center muffler are in the way.  If you
> can make these vanish, its a piece of cake.  The obvious objective is to
> adjust center bearing such that the two shaft halves are on axis, no angular
> or offset error, in both the horizontal and vertical plane.
> Bernie
>> From: "Reid, Les C." <Les.Reid at Centrilift.com>
>> Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2002 11:10:17 -0600
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>> Subject: [200q20v] Drive shaft alignment?
>> Recently had a vibration in the drive shaft and a major oil leak at the
>> flange seal.
>> I replaced the final drive seal and bearing and re-lubed the front CV
> joint
>> of the drive shaft.
>> Now for re-installation, the Bentley says to have a special tool to hold
> the
>> drive shaft straight.
>> I did not have said tool and was running out of time so I put it back on
>> with eyeball method. The vibration sound is gone. But when I have some
> time
>> I would like to check the shaft alignment.
>> Need an easy method to align drive shaft.
>> String? 2x4? any BTDT?
>> Thanks
>> Les Reid
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