[200q20v] Drive shaft alignment?

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Fri Jan 4 08:18:17 EST 2002

If you re-install the exact same spacers in the exact
same locations you should be OK. There should be
pretty clear marks where they were located WRT
side-to-side location. Pay attention during dissassy
and bag/mark parts.

--- "Reid, Les C." <Les.Reid at Centrilift.com> wrote:
> Recently had a vibration in the drive shaft and a
> major oil leak at the
> flange seal.
> I replaced the final drive seal and bearing and
> re-lubed the front CV joint
> of the drive shaft.
> Now for re-installation, the Bentley says to have a
> special tool to hold the
> drive shaft straight.
> I did not have said tool and was running out of time
> so I put it back on
> with eyeball method. The vibration sound is gone.
> But when I have some time
> I would like to check the shaft alignment.
> Need an easy method to align drive shaft.
> String? 2x4? any BTDT?
> Thanks
> Les Reid
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