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Paul R. Luevano paul at clarity.net
Fri Jan 4 14:13:06 EST 2002

TM wrote:
> How is the Stebro on your 200q20v?
> I may be needing exhaust replacement in the near future and if so,
> I am trying to explore options that cost less than the full-custom
> route, which appears to run in excess of $1500.
> Any comments on the sound, performance, improvement in turbo spool-up,
> fit, corrosion resistance, installation ease/difficulty, etc. would
> be appreciated.

(Copying response to list in case anyone else is interested)

So I have had the Stebro on my 200 20v for about 18 months now, and so far I am
very happy with it.

Sound:  I really like the sound.  It is not loud, but it is throaty.  You
definitely know that there is something different about the car, but it is not
obvious.  It just sounds mean.  Not at all like the buzzy rice boy setups on the
Civics, etc. driving around.

I have not noticed any increase in sound level over the last 18 months.  With
the windows up, cruising on the highway at 75mph, car is whisper quiet.  Driving
around town, if you lug the engine, you do get a slight resonance through the
car, but nothing bad.

Performance: I noticed no significant performance increases after installing the
system, using my butt dyno.  However I am sure the engine/turbo is breathing

Fit:  Overall, good.  Not great.  Had to do a little pushing/pulling to get
everything to line up just right, but once it was installed, everything is just
fine now.

Corrosion resistance:  Haven't been under the car lately, but from what I
remember the last time I looked, everything looked fine.  Besides, comes with a
lifetime warrantee, so who cares.  :)

Hi Flow cats:  I installed a full system, including two now "hi flow" cats.
These may have contributed to me having difficulty passing emissions this year.
When I got the cats, I noticed I could look straight through them, all the honey
cone material was off to the sides.  I did eventually pass emissions with these

Overall, I am very happy with the system. A great alternative to an OEM
replacement.  Better than a custom system?  Dunno.


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