[200q20v] Water Pump noises?

stevequattro at aol.com stevequattro at aol.com
Sun Jan 6 11:13:27 EST 2002


Doubt a brand new w/p or tensioner are your problem. Possible but not likely.

More likely, the t-belt was over tensioned.  My first t-belt change on the
20v I-5 (all parts from Rod as well) resulted in a similar sound on over

The belt needs to be just tight enough so that it can be twisted 90 degrees.
My first go at it, I had it such that with considerable effort I could get it
to twist to 90 degrees.  Key word being considerable effort. It was tight.

After loosening it slightly it would still only twist 90 degrees, but it did
not require the "considerable" effort.

If it is too loose the belt can be twisted >90 degrees.

After reassembly with the proper tension, no more RPM dependant whiz/whine.

Steve Hauptmann
South Carolina

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