[200q20v] Water Pump noises?

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Sun Jan 6 11:18:28 EST 2002

>For those of you w/ I-5 20v turbo experience:
>What does a faulty water pump sound like?
>I just had my timing belt changed and now I get this
>whining noise similar to the sound of a turbodiesel big
>rig spooling up its turbo. The noise is dependent on rpm
>and does not sound like the turbo itself. This didn't happen
>before the timing belt and water pump change. I had the
>belt, idler pulley and water pump replaced along with the
>front cam seal and main seal. The parts came from Rod at
>TPC, so I can't imagine getting junk from him- belts were
>Continental, water pump was a German brand with a metal

I have no firsthand experience with an (excessive) noise problem.
However I just did my own t-belt service (also with parts from TPC),
and I paid particular attention to avoid overtensioning the t-belt.
The new parts produce no noise such as you describe.  I recall
reading about this kind of problem (t-belt noise),  which leads me to
conclude that whoever installed your timing belt has got the belt
tensioned adjusted **too tight**.

Aside from the extra noise, the excessive tension will accelerate the
wear on the water-pump bearing. Right now, the noise is probably just
the t-belt itself.  I'd return the car and request to have the
tension reduced.


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