[200q20v] Suspension advice for a wagon

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Wed Jan 9 15:07:05 EST 2002

At 6:22 PM +0000 1/9/02, dkpriebe at attbi.com wrote:

>My mechanic
>also suggested I take a look at the Koni, because they
>are adjustable. I could adjust them for the bad roads in
>winter, and stiffen them up for the summer. Any
>thoughts? Also what if any are the suspension
>differences between the wagon and the sedan.

Personal advise on Konis...stay away from them.  High failure rates.
I've talked with two mechanics, both of whom said they get a very
large number of DOA units, both said they test 'em before they
install them.  One of the Konis died on my father's 944 and had such
a severe ride in that corner that it actually triggered the airbags
when he hit a pothole, caused a lot of damage.  Windshield, dash,
both airbags of course, etc.  I don't believe Koni compensated him
for the damage, which they should have; failure within a few hundred
miles after installation is clearly a gross product defect.

H&Rs/Bilsteins are a great combo with stock wheels(and stock size,
215/65/15s) for ride. 17 inch wheels pushed me a little over the
edge...it's not great on the roads around here in MA, but I never
scrape on things with the extra clearance I gained.

   Never had a problem with speed bumps with the stock wheels, unless
I had a full crew.

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