[200q20v] Suspension advice for a wagon

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I've had GREAT success with Konis on various race
cars, one set is 20 years old! I've also had one fail
and it was replaced free by Koni. The Bilstein HDs
work great on the 200q20v street cars. Two very
different apps. I run the Boges for the quattro Sport
on the ur-q.

--- Brett Dikeman <brett at cloud9.net> wrote:
> At 6:22 PM +0000 1/9/02, dkpriebe at attbi.com wrote:
> >My mechanic
> >also suggested I take a look at the Koni, because
> they
> >are adjustable. I could adjust them for the bad
> roads in
> >winter, and stiffen them up for the summer. Any
> >thoughts? Also what if any are the suspension
> >differences between the wagon and the sedan.
> Personal advise on Konis...stay away from them.
> High failure rates.
> I've talked with two mechanics, both of whom said
> they get a very
> large number of DOA units, both said they test 'em
> before they
> install them.  One of the Konis died on my father's
> 944 and had such
> a severe ride in that corner that it actually
> triggered the airbags
> when he hit a pothole, caused a lot of damage.
> Windshield, dash,
> both airbags of course, etc.  I don't believe Koni
> compensated him
> for the damage, which they should have; failure
> within a few hundred
> miles after installation is clearly a gross product
> defect.
> H&Rs/Bilsteins are a great combo with stock
> wheels(and stock size,
> 215/65/15s) for ride. 17 inch wheels pushed me a
> little over the
> edge...it's not great on the roads around here in
> MA, but I never
> scrape on things with the extra clearance I gained.
>    Never had a problem with speed bumps with the
> stock wheels, unless
> I had a full crew.
> Brett
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