[200q20v] 3B/AAN Windage trays

Archibald, Jon JArchibald at whpacific.com
Thu Jan 10 09:12:29 EST 2002

Allow me to reiterate that I have NOT done this modification myself, nor had
the opportunity to remove my oil pan. Yet. The person I bought the car from,
Alex Neckas, who races a 400+hp 4kq w/3B developed this solution. Since he
does these conversions for people professionally, I do not expect him to
give me the particulars of the process, but my impression is that the stock
windage tray is attached to the pan itself (this from looking at family
album) somewhere in the middle of the pan, whereas the AAN baffles attach at
the perimeter of the pan. with some modification, both can fit together.
With the same number of pan gaskets as if you were just using the AAN
baffles. Ultimately, figuring out how this works will require someone taking
their oil pan off, and this is about #3 on my car to-do list right now,
especially since I just changed the oil :-) I apologize for only knowing a
little bit about this mod.  but I figured letting folks know that the
solution is at least out there is better than nothing.
Best of luck.

I'd like a bit of clarification- are you saying that you can use both
trays at the same time? How is this done? This doesn't cause problems
with oil pickup?

Sounds like I'd need 3 oilpan gaskets to do that.

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