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--- TM <t44tq at mindspring.com> wrote:
> Dave-
> Larry Leung is the resident autox expert, so I'll
> defer to his
> knowledge, but once you cross the line with
> replacement springs,
> your 200q will be in Street Prepared. Not that
> you'll have a
> chance at all in G stock, but you'll have even less
> of a chance in
> Street Prepared classes with that car.
> Now if you're autocrossing to learn driving dynamics
> and to have
> fun, that's a whole different story.
> I may autox this season (if I can afford it) in my
> car, although it
> is not even classifiable under current SCCA SoloII
> rules- but I
> would do it for fun, as I stand no chance in winning
> (chipped 200q
> doesn't classify in any category, esp. w/ suspension
> changes and
> wheel changes).
> I believe the H&R springs will drop your car even
> more than the Eibachs
> (which are not available unless you find a stocking
> dealer that happens
> to still have a set); therefore, you may want to
> pursue either a custom
> solution with custom-wound springs for the ride
> height you desire along
> with the spring rate or stick with the stock springs
> and install
> Bilstein
> HDs or Koni adjustables, the Konis being the most
> adjustable setup for
> autox.
> Taka
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