[200q20v] 3B/AAN Windage trays

Bernie Benz b.m.benz at prodigy.net
Thu Jan 10 17:30:24 EST 2002

I've always just used silicone caulk for pan and valve cover gaskets, for
exhaust and intake manifolds also.  I've had Lancia twin cams running with
the head gasket being the only solid gasket in the engine.  No big deal, and
a lot easier.


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> Actually, I think this is probably a very similar application. My impression
> is that the 3b/2b in-pan baffle is attached inside the pan. One thing I do
> have to offer is that apparently only Audi pan gaskets will seal correctly,
> so when using two of them, it is key to use the ones from the dealer.
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> Not directly applicable, but on the NF-code engine in
> my 84 4KQ R-R car I used both a factory in-pan baffle
> as well as the 2B windage tray. Used two pan gaskets,
> one on each side of the 2B windage tray.
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