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I just wanted to add that I also contacted Stongard about this, after
initial post, and they have written back to me, telling me that they
will ship
me a replacement set of headlamp covers once they are produced.

Very nice of Stongard to do this.

I also mentioned to them that I have two small white/grey spots right
above the
lamps on both covers, even with stock wattage H4s (this problem did not
until well after my switch to 55/60W H4s, over a year after the switch).


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You have good words here, and I am in essential agreement, sounds like
we went through very similar thought processes.  One difference is I
paid Stongard an installation fee to install their headlight covers, and
was expecting, "....it fits perfectly, precisely and beautifully." (per
Stongard's sales brochure). Now the good news, have a tele message here
at home tonight, saying they will install the correct replacement
headlight covers when they are received, at no charge.  Patience does
work sometimes, better things can happen. So, I will order a replacement
lens from Denon in BC (my cost is $80 and my plan all along, per "Caveat
Emptor"), and will accept their offer and move on to other things.

Greg B in Portland has heard from Stongard, and they are going to make
his order correct.

Someone asked what the headlight cover extended warranty fee costs.  I
believe it is $15.00 for a 3 year period.

If you buy both the body kit and headlight covers, the extended warranty
is no charge, you just have to send the buyer registration cards to

I think Stongard is being wise to here to support their customer
service, they just needed to work out a problem in the office without
the customer around. All will be well here in Rainy Weather Land. Thanks
to all. Gary A....

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> >When I stopped by Stongard's office, I picked up some samples. The
> >samples measured 2mm thick, and found I had a Stongard brochure, that

> >quotes 80mil thickness. Hope it helps, for whatever it is worth.
> >
> >BTW, my warranty claim (improper size cut for 200 euro's) has nothing

> >to
> >with the 3M material, that appears to work as advertised, as
> >protection,
> >guarantee something can break a headlight if big enough.
> Although I can understand (and share) your unhappiness with the
> quality of fit, I don't understand the justification for the warranty
> complaints being voiced in this thread. The complaints are based on
> Stongard's innaccurate dimensions (relative to Audi's eurolights),
> correct? So I wonder, since you must have noticed--prior to
> installation-- that the Stongard films were *obviously* too small to
> cover the entire lens, what compelled you to go ahead and install
> them?
> When my Stongard order arrived, I saw that it was not going to give
> complete coverage, and although I was disappointed, I (like you, I
> presume)  decided to go ahead and install it. In doing that I accepted

> a small additional risk of damage rather than go through the bother of

> returning the item. If my headlight suffers damage because of the
> unprotected area, I'll be unhappy, but I won't feel I have anyone but
> myself to blame. This is a clear case of Caveat Emptor. Yes, I do feel

> that complaining to Stongard about the poor design/fit is justified.
> Stongard would be wise to either reimburse purchasers or replace the
> item with one of more adequate size.
> Phil
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