[200q20v] Headlight Protection Films

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Fri Jan 11 10:00:30 EST 2002

>You have good words here, and I am in essential agreement, sounds like we
>went through very similar thought processes.  One difference is I paid
>Stongard an installation fee to install their headlight covers, and was
>expecting, "....it fits perfectly, precisely and beautifully." (per
>Stongard's sales brochure).

It seems you did have a different situation than most of us, so I see
that your reaction was quite understandable. It's good to hear that
you and Greg will be receiving replacements with correct dimensions.

In view of the tiny fraction of the automobile market that our
eurolight Audis comprise for Stongard, I would think that thay have
probably sold a very small number of these improperly sized covers.
In addition, these covers are obviously a pretty "high margin" item
(profit margin, that is) so--if they were to replace all those
(undersized) covers sold in the past few years--the cost to Stongard
would be very modest compared to the goodwill generated. On the other
hand, Bernie might be right about their lack of interest in goodwill.
Stongard--like a lot of companies--may need to see some examples of
"badwill" before goodwill is seen to have value.

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