[200q20v] Headlight Protection Films

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At 8:33 AM -0500 1/11/02, TM wrote:
>I just wanted to add that I also contacted Stongard about this, after
>initial post, and they have written back to me, telling me that they
>will ship
>me a replacement set of headlamp covers once they are produced.
>Very nice of Stongard to do this.
>I also mentioned to them that I have two small white/grey spots right
>above the
>lamps on both covers, even with stock wattage H4s (this problem did not
>until well after my switch to 55/60W H4s, over a year after the switch).

That's very good to hear, Taka. It's what I'd expect from a
_sensible_ company, so I guess I'll go ahead and get in my request
for a replacement, too.

Thanks for the info.


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>You have good words here, and I am in essential agreement, sounds like
>we went through very similar thought processes.  One difference is I
>paid Stongard an installation fee to insta
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