[200q20v] Finally you can make your square headrest comfortable!

Eric Friedman/Creative Showcase, LLC. creativeshowcase at nac.net
Fri Jan 11 16:06:49 EST 2002

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I noted that from time to time, the subject of how much we all hated the Au=
di "square donut" headrest, came up.  Having owned 3 Audi's with that headr=
est, I could relate.  I figured I would solve the problem so I contacted a =
vendor to my company and we came up with workable solution.  I made the ini=
tial prototypes and posted a page about them at:


I'm not making a bunch of these and then stocking them.  I was going to tre=
at this as a group purchase so feel free to go to the site, check it out(pl=
ease read it thoroughly) and then email me off line. If we can get 200 piec=
es(yes, you can just buy one if you like) together, I can do the order.

Having these in the car and then taking them out was like night and day!  Y=
ou know the deal.  Now the headrests actually are comfortable and supportiv=

Let me know what you think.



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