[200q20v] Finally you can make your square headrest comfortable!

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Fri Jan 11 21:43:13 EST 2002

>I noted that from time to time, the subject of how much we all hated
>the Audi "square donut" headrest,


Uhh, speak for yourself, Eric.

>Having these in the car and then taking them out was like night and
>day!  You know the deal.  Now the headrests actually are comfortable
>and supportive.
>Let me know what you think.

OK. Here's what I think: I think this is a *bad* idea. I believe it
indicates a misconception--that the oem devices are intended to be a
"headrest" and should be comfortable and supportive. Not so; they are
designed to be a head "restraint"! They are there to prevent whiplash
injury in case of collision. And this they can do--as is.
Additionally, Audi's  doughnut (cutout) cleverly permits vision to
the rear--for additional safety and convenience.

With well-designed head-restraints, a lack of constant, comfortable
support is intentional--to encourage driver alertness. The
modification you're promoting invites a driver to oh-so-comfortably
rest his/her head, and relax *while* driving!!!! Just what the
(already) spaced-out driver needs, huh? Now, turn up the heater, dim
the lights and play some soothing tunes...just like being in your
living room...zzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzz No thanks.

Oh, yeh...it also looks sorta ugly, IMO.

Sorry, but you asked.


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