[200q20v] Finally you can make your square headrest comfortable!

Shayne thequattroking at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 11 23:12:44 EST 2002

I don't agree.  My 280 SEL has headrests that pivot towards the drive.  The
560 SEL does too.  They are WONDERFUL.  I can move them to just about any
way I like TO GET COMFORTABLE.  Actually, on long drive I find it much nicer
to lay my head back.  I feel it promotes my awareness as I don't have to
focus on keeping my tired neck up.  Also helps to get to this point.  I do
however think they look funny.  Other then that, if they came in nice
leather to match the interior (not a slip cover, but a real rest, like the
Euro ones), I would buy one.

Shayne P.

1972 MB 280 SEL 4.5
1984 4ksq
1986 MB 560 SEL
1991 v8q5
1991 200q Sedan
1992 S4

Parting:  1972 Mercedes Benz 280 SE 4.5

> With well-designed head-restraints, a lack of constant, comfortable
> support is intentional--to encourage driver alertness. The
> modification you're promoting invites a driver to oh-so-comfortably
> rest his/her head, and relax *while* driving!!!! Just what the
> (already) spaced-out driver needs, huh? Now, turn up the heater, dim
> the lights and play some soothing tunes...just like being in your
> living room...zzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzz No thanks.

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