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Sat Jan 12 12:07:59 EST 2002

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To all Audi fans around the globe,
Some of you have heard of the Words FAW are probably familiar with what it =
means and what it about for those that are not on the Audi fans list I woul=
d will explain shortly, FAW is a Automotive manufacturer in China that "tod=
ay" still build type 44 cars 100/200 (they also built some V8's a while bac=
k) for sale in the Asian market mainly China...

The last year or so I have been gathering information on these cars and why=
 there is almost none or very little information on these cars around, I ha=
ve discovered basically That FAW (also Hongqi) is a also Controlled by non-=
other than AUDI themselves..

The point of this all is this I have now established a solid contact with t=
hese people concerning parts for our cars (mostly the  type44 models 100/20=
0/V8 and it seems they are willing sell parts for these things....as some o=
f you know replacement parts from the dealer alone are priced ridiculous.. =
and some parts places around the globe have taken an advantage of this to g=
ive what they call a "substantial discount" sometimes as high as 15% to 30%=
 which some of us thought WOW that's cheap....well do I have some news for =
you all..

I the last months and the various discussions with the FAW/ Hongqi supplier=
s in China they have told me that they currently supply some of these parts=
 supply chains as well as even Audi parts alone in Europe!!! In some cases =
I have noted as much as 300% profit on parts...

Ok, where do I want to go with this, with this message I would like to know=
 from any one of you out there is interested in parts for your cars at ridi=
culous prices. (please send your comments not to the list but to me off-the=
What I am planning is the following: I want to start bringing parts over fr=
om China for these cars but for me to do this and make a living I also need=
 to know how many of you are interested, unfortunally these suppliers are n=
ot interested in shipping 10 or even 20 parts at a time so I have to find m=
eans of finding interest and establishing numbers to go forth with this ide=

Also In my discussions I also found the FAW/Hongi upgraded their cars with =
automotive systems for today, for example the HVAC case is the same as in o=
ur cars but is set up for r134a refrig systems , so r/d's accumulators, com=
pressors are all switched over for this use. They Also have for example a H=
ID projector headlight system for the type 44 models (audi100) similar to t=
he A6 system, they also have options on the bodies like the 200 20v Fenders=
 front and read
available which makes a nice upgrade for any 100 200 with the wheel flare..=
the list goes on and on and on...sport seats, windows with polarization...e=

Now it does not stop here supposedly in conversations with the various supp=
liers they inform me that they can also reproduce most if not all the parts=
 off these cars including the V8's,  I asked for example about the DTM spoi=
ler which allot of us are after and even if this is possible, they have tol=
d me that this possible but numbers matter after all tooling up this for on=
ly 20 or so is not realistic.

I ask any one that is interested once again to contact me if you have inter=
est in any or have specific items you are interested in to contact me off t=
he list to my e-mail..I will be most likely going to Shanghai by the end of=
 next month what ever I information I gather from you will be raised with t=
hese people..

 Just incase some one out there might ask what kind of prices are we lookin=
g at...OK OK
I will give one remember however these are prices delivered to a central lo=
cation for distribution (wholesale) shipping to the final customer and taxe=
s if applicable must be added:
-the rear light bar v8 (red) complete ( 3 piece) 2 outer corners and the tr=
unk piece .............34 dollars or about 34 euro..

Paul Fernandes

I apologize to any of you and the list for the inconvenience of this e-mail
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