[200q20v] Finally you can make your square headrest comfortable!

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Phil is right in the sense that our cars should not duplicate "the womb"
however, when one compares an older style seat/headrest combination against
a newer Audi seat, you begin to see that proper ergonomic support is
helpful.  The headrests in the new seat fit properly.  Further, as a medic
in Rochester NY years back, I became fully aware of what injuries, due to
hyperextension of the neck, are related to.  Potential hyperextension can
occur from these seats.  Further, most people, because of the poor placement
of the headrest and its lack of support, tend to leave it down and angle it
forward, just to get the top of it to touch the middle of the back of their
heads.  Even worse.  This pad works ergonomically, trust me.  As for how it
looks, think of the covers offered for 2 Series Volvo headrests.  Very


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> >I noted that from time to time, the subject of how much we all hated
> >the Audi "square donut" headrest,
> [snip]
> Uhh, speak for yourself, Eric.
> >Having these in the car and then taking them out was like night and
> >day!  You know the deal.  Now the headrests actually are comfortable
> >and supportive.
> >
> >Let me know what you think.
> OK. Here's what I think: I think this is a *bad* idea. I believe it
> indicates a misconception--that the oem devices are intended to be a
> "headrest" and should be comfortable and supportive. Not so; they are
> designed to be a head "restraint"! They are there to prevent whiplash
> injury in case of collision. And this they can do--as is.
> Additionally, Audi's  doughnut (cutout) cleverly permits vision to
> the rear--for additional safety and convenience.
> With well-designed head-restraints, a lack of constant, comfortable
> support is intentional--to encourage driver alertness. The
> modification you're promoting invites a driver to oh-so-comfortably
> rest his/her head, and relax *while* driving!!!! Just what the
> (already) spaced-out driver needs, huh? Now, turn up the heater, dim
> the lights and play some soothing tunes...just like being in your
> living room...zzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzz No thanks.
> Oh, yeh...it also looks sorta ugly, IMO.
> Sorry, but you asked.
> Phil
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