[200q20v] Bose Radio

Matt Bauer mtbauer at uswest.net
Sat Jan 12 15:30:54 EST 2002

If anyone needs a replacement Bose radio to replace an inoperable one in your
car, I came across a salvage yard that reports to have several. I stopped by
today to pick up a replacement for mine. It came right out of a V8 sitting in the
yard. Charged me $100 plus tax and I got to keep mine, a much better deal than I
have seen on the net or from dealers. The yard is Adam's Imports in Littleton
Colorado. Its just off Santa Fe at Oxford, if you know the area. I would be happy
to call them or pass along their number if you are in need of a replacement
radio. No affiliation with them and I dont know if they do shipping. Just thought
I would pass along what I found to be a good deal.


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