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I ran the Doug Nash 4+1 5-speed in my 73 RA-IV 455HO
Firebird with a missing tooth on a forward
transmission gear for at least a year or more before I
discovered the missing (broken) tooth when I drained
the trans fluid and found the tooth stuck to the
magnetic drain plug. You can be SURE there was a lot
of torque on THAT gear! Must be there is enough
contact between multiple teeth for things to survive
for a-while, aya. (lucky too I think :)

--- Wolff <wolff at turboquattro.com> wrote:
> Yep, there is apparently just enough contact on the
> remaining teeth on
> either side to keep it from skipping....
> Wolff
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> > Wow!  Missing a tooth and still in sinc?  Doesn't
> take much torque to
> drive
> > the dist.
> >
> > Bernie
> >
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