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paul fernandes paulfern2000 at yahoo.com
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actually I have had people reply but I asked to keep it off line, as to not
create a big commotion and to just find out how many people are interested.
unfortunately until now I have only had about 11 posts about this, so I will
ask again since you write this:

If anyone is interested in these parts, (except the ones that have already
replied) contact me off-line with your requests, anything you request or
require I will then take to the FAW/hongqi suppliers...note I'm not working
with FAW / Hongqi but directly to the tier 1 or 2 suppliers...
Also these suppliers make replacement parts for other Audi's (4000, 80, 90,
100, 200, v8, a4, even the a6)

If you do visit the FAw site you will see they produce the A6 as well in
China ....SURPRISE..Audis is keeping the  taps on this right now as some
people at Audi I tried to contact which work with the Chinese denied any of

I have also on my web-site some information in English that I have retrieved
over the months about FAW-honqi.
Note: the crash test Audi 100 v6,

on the subject of quality:
Ok I should have mentioned this earlier but some of you already know, I work
for DELPHI automotive if their is anything to do with bad quality then I
would know...I work with suppliers around the world every day..and I have
checked their iso certifications each and every-one...then again if anyone
is interested we can get even cheaper parts from non-certified
manufacturers...no comment.
Just for more details I own 3 Audis a 90Q 100Q and a V8 5spd if was going to
add anything that was tacky I would shoot myself first before ruining these
cars...I am a well known Audi nut nothing but the best for these babies...

In addition on quality, as I pointed out these manufactures currently
deliver to spare parts dealers and even Audi them selves and in some cases
most of you have already most likely purchased parts that were manufactured
by these guys and thought you were paying for a part made in Germany, France
or US...I will not go into Global economics...

The fact is these parts have a reputation if you were to sell them off for
next to nothing then people would be nervous and tend to think something is
wrong with them, so the part retailers raise the prices to realistic

I sincerely hope to here from more of you...Thank you..

Paul Fernandes

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> Did anyone read the post regarding the Chinese Audis? How come there are
> no responses about it? I find it really interesting.
> I found their website. http://www.faw.com.cn
> Click on the main animated picture, and that will take you to the type
> 44 site.
> The submenues are
> 1, 360 degree views
> 2, videos of the different models
> 3, pictures
> 4, and 5, I'm not sure it's written in Chinese, but looks like one is
> specs, and the other is email.
> I wonder about the quality and how much a brand new FAW/Audi costs. They
> look very nice.

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